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LCD Monitors

LCD monitor overview These monitors use a liquid crystal display to project images onto the screen. A back light is used to light up the display to create a clearer picture. The first LCD screens were created a long time ago, but it was not until recently that they became technologically advanced enough to match the level of quality that is present in the modern LCD screens. Most LCD monitors have much clearer and sharper images than monitors in the past. The resolution is higher as well. The screen viewing angle is large for LCD as well. Most laptops and other computers today use LCD for their monitors.

Where to find LCD monitors It is possible to find liquid crystal display monitors from almost any location. Any store that sells computer or television parts will have monitors for sale as well. There are different kinds of monitors, all with different price ranges. Online stores are some of the best places to find monitors in a larger variety of sizes and features. However, most retail stores also have a varied selection of monitors. Electronic stores will have a larger selection than multi-functional stores that have a small electronics department.

Sizes of LCD monitors Each LCD screen can come in many different sizes. It is possible to find screens from 12 to upwards of 24 inches in size. A popular feature is the widescreen look. These monitors look like smaller television screens. In fact, it is possible to use LCD as a television screen as well.

Popular LCD features LCD has a wide variety of available features to choose from. Every LCD monitor has the liquid crystal display. However, there are many other features that not all screens have. Most new monitors also come with a large viewing angle. This can save headaches because the screen can easily be seen clearly from any angle. Another feature that many screens come with is true-to-life coloring. Anti-blur movement features are very popular with the gaming set and with people who watch a lot of videos on their monitors.

Finding the right LCD monitor Every person has unique needs when it comes to computers and monitors. Individuals who rarely use the computer or only use it for Internet browsing or word processing should not spend as much on a monitor as someone who uses the computer every day for gaming and video watching.

Someone who uses the computer for video watching and other high-resolution tasks should make sure to have a screen that offers the maximum technology to make the images appear the clearest. If you do not know which screen is right for you, then contact a monitor expert at any electronics store.

Why use LCD monitors? The main benefit of this type of monitor is the size. Large, bulky monitors are very heavy and take a lot of space. LCD monitors are smaller and lighter, which makes them easier to place and use. The LCD screen also offers a better image quality. It reduces the amount of eye strain that is caused by continued computer usage. The ability to combine a television screen with a computer monitor is another great reason to switch to LCD.


Motherboard Components

Motherboards are electrical hubs of a computer. Motherboards are sometimes called system boards or mainboards. Because every electrical connection in a computer is facilitated by the motherboard, it is sometimes called the backbone of a computer system. Much like a person's spine supports the cerebrum, motherboards support the central processing unit, or brain of a computer. But, the CPU is only one of many components housed by motherboards. Motherboards typically contain the following components: electrical sockets for the CPU, sockets for the main memory, chipset to interface, non-volatile memory chips including the basic input/output system (BIOS), a clock generator, power connector flickers, input device connectors and expansion slots.

Most computer motherboards manufactured today are for use in IBM compatible computers. IBM compatibles account for 90% of computer sales. But, motherboards are used in more than just computers. These electronic boards are also present in cell phones, stop watches, and many electronics.

The main memory slots are also present on the motherboard. Today these are usually dual inline memory modules, or DIMM modules. The dynamic random access memory chips, or DRAM chips, are located here.

The motherboard contains slots for the main memory. Dual inline memory, or DIMM, modules are the most used types of memory modules in computers today. This is where the DRAM, direct access memory, chips are located and the type of DRAM chips you use will depend on what your computer can support.

A chipset comprised of integrated circuits, which service to connect the main memory with the peripheral buses, is located on the motherboard. This chipset is often separated into two sections the Northbridge and the Southbridge. The Northbridge is far better known as it controls high-speed devices. The lesser-known Southbridge controls low-speed devices, such as sound chips.

Motherboards contain a clock generator. This clock generator is a circuit with the basic operation of producing a signal for synchronizing the computer. Some people who are well skilled at computers change the clock generator to control speed of the central processing unit and random access memory.

Motherboards hold clock generators. These generators supply timing signals that coordinate the time of the computer components including the system clock. This generator also controls the speed of the RAM and CPU. Several slots or sockets exist on the motherboard that allows additional boards to be connected to it. These slots allow for expansion of the computer by adding on devices that were not previously connected. Input and output devices, such as scanners or graphics cards can be used in these expansion slots.

Motherboards contain components known as power connector flickers. These flickers take power from the main supply and dispense power throughout the computer. These flickers provide power to the CPU, chipsets, main memory, and expansion cards.

In addition to power problems, some other signs your motherboard components have stopped working properly are: 1. you computer stopped doing anything 2. the sound of one long beep followed by 3 short ones 3. inaccurate time on the computer clock 4. warning message about the DMA, CMOS battery, or RAM 5. the power light is on, but the computer will not power on, or start up


Acer Laptops- A Cut above

The range of Acer laptops is extensive and consequently offers a wide choice for both businesses and individuals. With an impressive record of quality along with their stylish looks Acer deserve the strong reputation they have for their laptops, which they have been proud of for over three decades.

As travel becomes cheaper and more accessible the importance of laptop weight is paramount. Whether commuting, travelling for a business meeting or travelling for leisure, it is no surprise the specification of weight is the priority of many. As a result Acer have spent effort to ensure their laptops are lightweight without compromising on their functionality.

If your primary need for a laptop is to work whilst travelling, the strength and durability of laptops will no doubt be of upmost concern. Whilst screen or hinge damage seems a small problem that should be easy to repair often the only solution is to replace the entire laptop screen, which can cost anywhere from 100 plus. Therefore Acer's range of laptops with strong outer casing may we worth checking out.

Acer provide backup, security and connection features. Acer are aware of the importance of the backup of data and provide Acer erecovery Management. This offers a simple method to back up and restore past data. The need for security is equally important and Acer eLock Management provides password protection allowing the ability to store information safely.

Acer laptops have features, which make day to day use more manageable. The ability to encrypt or decrypt information quickly is provided by Acer's eDataSecurity Management. If you or your company give business presentations the functionality of the Acer ePresentation Manager ensures there is one less thing to worry about when making a presentation. As well as the host of features Acer provides their ePower Management helps optimise battery life.

Up to date technology is paramount with any digital product and the importance of technology in laptops is no different. With the features of Blu-ray and being HD ready, along with the provision of eManagement tools, Acer laptops are both desirable and easy to use. As a result Acer laptops are a great choice for both technically minded business individuals or an individual looking to buy their first laptop

Even the best laptop in the world boasting the most features with the best ease of use is no good if it is broke. It is clear that reliability is arguably the most important aspect of any digital product, including laptops. Acer continuously perform various tests to maximise the reliability of their laptops through even the most server misuse such as dropping and spillages.

Along with special features, cutting edge technology and global recognition, Acer laptops provide good value for money for both higher and lower end laptops. As a result your specific requirements should easily be met by Acer's extensive range of laptops.


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